As a professional industrial photographer providing industrial photography services for over a decade and a half, capturing the essence of various industries across India, I pride myself on delivering striking images that encapsulate the uniqueness of each industrial setup.

From jewellery manufacturers to road construction material builders, and from urea manufacturing plants to global cargo transportation service providers, my portfolio boasts a diverse range of clientele. Whether it’s a cable manufacturer for bridges or other large agricultural producers, being a professional industrial photographer, I’ve had the privilege of documenting their operations under my industrial photography services.

My team and I prioritize providing the best customer experience from the initial planning stages to the final submission of images. We understand that every industrial setup is distinct, and our goal is to create images that fulfill your specific requirements, showcasing the architectural essence of your establishment.

Drawing on my extensive experience of industrial photography, I approach each project with a microscopic attention to detail, ensuring that I capture the real essence of the industry I’m photographing. Having spent years immersed in the Indian manufacturing landscape, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of its operations, allowing me to anticipate and capture moments that truly reflect the essence of your industrial establishment.

I am eager for the opportunity to collaborate with you and demonstrate my abilities as a professional industrial photographer capturing professional images that not only meet but exceeds your expectations. Let’s work together to showcase the beauty and complexity of your industry through my lens.


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industrial photography by shantonobho das