About Shantonobho Das

Shantonobho is a professional industrial photographer and a film maker. For over fifteen years, he has been on a passionate journey, seamlessly blending his technical skills with the discerning eye of an artist. He has graduated with B.Com in Advance Accountancy from Gujarat and then went on to follow his passion by completed his post-graduate diploma in Photography from Light and Life Academy, situated in the pictures mountains of Nilgiris, Ooty – a hill station of Tamil Nadu.

Venturing into the unknown, Shantonobho’s lens has painted breathtaking landscapes in the farthest corners of the globe. The art of photography opened doors to collaborations with industry giants like TATA Steel, FedEx, HINCOL, Amazon, De Beers Forevermark, MATIX Chemicals and Fertilizers and many others, imprinting his unique vision on their narratives.

Shantonobho’s distinctive vision hasn’t gone unnoticed. The world has applauded his work with two silver awards at Spikes Asia and ABBY Awards, alongside a prestigious nomination at Cannes. These accolades bear testament to his ability to create images that resonate globally.

Beyond the frame, Shantonobho is on a mission to give back. For more than a decade, he has mentored aspiring photographers, generously sharing the wealth of knowledge accumulated through years of dedication.

Nature, with its boundless beauty, has been Shantonobho’s greatest muse. Each journey unfolds a new chapter, each landscape a canvas waiting to be painted. Travelling has become a source of endless inspiration, breathing life into his thoughts and adding an extraordinary dimension to every photograph.

In the realm where photography meets artistry, Shantonobho continues to seek the unseen, capturing moments that linger and stories that unfold with each frame. Every click is a personal journey, every image a piece of his soul, and every frame, a masterpiece in its own right.